Release Notes for September 29, 2017 (0.34)

  • More UI all around and much more support for devices in 4:3
  • Back, Play, Settings and all shop buttons much easier to press now
  • Added info to slide tricks and made it easier to tell when you (don’t) own a trick
  • Introducing Stokens! Now in place for our Career Item Pickup
  • Connected header location icon
  • Added bob and wobble to SKATE and drink pickups
  • Turned off V Sync in highest quality setting
  • Fixed pedestrian walk cycle
  • Not Requiring coins to be collected in a combo for advanced training (thanks for your feedback on Discord!)
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    Release Notes for September 24, 2017 (0.33)

  • Disabled buttons turning off/on completely for now. Buttons were still missing and making tutorial uncompletable
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    Release notes for September 23, 2017 (0.32)

  • Fixed missing buttons and UI prompts during Basic and Advanced Training
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    Release Notes for September 22, 2017 (0.31)

    Release Notes for Build 0.31

    • Lots of UI work throughout all menus. Still WIP.
    • Reworked Shop perks UI arrangement
    • Showing Daily Challenge Progress permanently on HUD in Endless
    • Removing layer name from header location text, using icon instead
    • Fixed secret area in 2-05
    • Fixed non collectable career pickup in training Advanced (thanks for your feedback on discord!)
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    Release Notes for June 21, 2017 (2.0)


      • New Areas! Clouds, Mines, Hell, Lab, and Venus Beach!
      • 5 New achievements
      • New Scoring System and Balance Meter
      • UI Completely redone to look clean n’ crisp!
      • More skater outfits
      • Added Coin Doubler Man premium outfit to New Buyers Package.

    After the initial release of Epic Skater, we were very proud of what we had accomplished with the finite resources we had, but we had some issues to fix and the fanbase wanted more.

    We prioritized the scoring system and new skateable areas at the top of our to-do list.

    The ability to manual and grind without some sort of risk was leading to our top scorers to combo for hours without any increasing difficulty.

    Combining the new scoring system, new areas, and adding the balance meter felt like a great balance between risk and reward for both new and experienced players.

    We now have a discord channel! Come and join us here.

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    Release Notes for December 9, 2015 (1.47.1)

    Epic Skater’s 2015 Holiday Update

    • More optimizations and fixes to support low-end devices
    • Happy Holidays! It’s snowing in Epicwood.
    • New achievements! Can you reach level 25?
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    Release notes for October 21, 2015 (1.46.6)

    Epic Skater’s 2015 Halloween Update!

    • It’s spooky in Epicwood!
    • Added 4 new outfits and boards to the shop.
    • More optimizations and improvements.
    • Addressed issues with lower end devices running everyplay by default
    • Fixed an issue where some users were getting stuck at a loading screen
    • Fixed an issue where some users could not view an ad to get up
    • Fixed an issue where some users couldn’t buy the New Buyer’s Package on Android

    Release notes for April 13, 2015 (1.44)

    • Eggs are back to coins again
    • P. Cottonbail outfit added to skateshop
    • Sunny Slide Up board added to skateshop

    Release notes for March 31, 2015 (1.41.4)

    • The Easter spirit is here in Epicwood!
    • Play as Peter Cottonbail and his signature deck, “Sunny Slide Up”.
    • Every outfit is temporarily equipped with festive bunny heads, ears, and cottontails to celebrate!
    • Thanks for playing!

    Release notes for March 23, 2015 (1.41.3)

    • Got rid of the Patty fever.
    • Patty outfit added to store.
    • Gold Pot board added to store.
    • Bug and stability fixes.

    Release notes for March 10, 2015 (1.42.1)

    • Feeling lucky? Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a festive new outfit and a whole lot of gold!
    • Tons of new bug fixes.
    • Big green top hats are temporarily part of each of your outfits. Let’s go dancing.
    • THANK YOU FOR THE FEEDBACK! Please let us know if you are still experiencing issues, and what device and version of Android you are using.

    Release Notes for February 20, 2015 (1.41.0)


    • Got rid of the V-day fever.
    • Fixed Combo trail on Santa.
    • Fixed price on the Xmas deck.
    • Fixed some Character model issues.
    • Added Heart Boy Outfit to skateshop.
    • Added Heart-A-Deck to skateshop.
    • More Outfits, Boards, and Skate spots coming!