Release Notes for Build 0.44

  • 100 Free Gems! Use them in the shop!
  • Revised Training Basics and Advanced
  • Reduced session timer in Career 1-4
  • Reduced Career level names to “x-y”
  • Fixed stoken placement in 1-12 to be easier to collect
  • Added turnaround cooldown functionality
  • You can now turnaround during grinds and manuals in exchange for some of your balance
  • Lots of updates to UI across the game
  • Lowered volume of classroom ambience by 3 more db
  • Removed extra stokens from career 1-4
  • Removed some more camera invasive trees
  • Adding low poly shipping containers to levels
  • Fixed ads so they don’t overlap other menus
  • Don’t show ads until user is above 3% of progresson
  • Showing ad when main menu first loads
  • Linked tip text to non unity ad text so we can show game tips of ads to new users
  • Removed UI tweening in main menu
  • Removed memory clear on open main menu
  • Fix for Android launch icon showing as a square inside a white circle
  • Fix for skater getting stuck in explosive barrels
  • More failsafe bailcam. Nerfed Close1mCam angle for older devices
  • Implemented initial set of Analytics
  • Added placeholder main menu music
  • Added more skatespots to Rooftops T3
  • Fixed gap in the ground in a Rooftop skate spot

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