Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: I bought an In App Purchase (IAP), and didn’t receive energy drinks/coins
A: If you are on Android, please send the transaction ID to support@epicskater.com

If you are on iOS, check out this link on how to get a refund from Apple:

Q: How do I do a Gazelle Flip?
A: First, reach level 14. Swipe down on your screen with two fingers at the same time.

Q: How do I earn XP and level up?
A: Completing missions and landing combos will earn you XP

Q: I’m on a new device, or I deleted Epic Skater from my device, can my progress be recovered?
A: No, but we are actively working on bringing cloud save support to both iOS and Android to prevent this from happening. For now, please do not uninstall or delete the app from your phone. Your progress will not be recovered!