Release Notes for Build 0.69

  • Very long wait through black loading screen for Android users.  It’s a new unity bug we’ve reported.
  • Career finish state polish.  Now slows to a stop and powerslides
  • Made finish line look way more finish-y in Career
  • Storing ordered list of stokens in Career Manager so you can now see the order of Stoken placements per level when you collect them
  • Updated materials, art, and texture atlases across the game to improve performance
  • Tweaking quality settings to help load times
  • Skipping to main menu after unlocks on first training run
  • Shop now has a notification image on main menu when you have new items
  • Fixed Subway T0 piece access
  • Iterating on final goal designs for expert Endless goals
  • Tweaked the loading screen and we’re now using the same one for all loading screens except for initial boot-up
  • Additional Session indicator to spot menu in Career Menu
  • Fixed broken trick upgrade button in shop
  • Locking in purchased perks on upsell menu
  • Offsetting Madonna trick in skateshop so skater’s foot isn’t underground
  • Removing Pigeons from bird pool and decreasing active peds to improve performance
  • Adding placeholder sounds for accept, deny, and menu open for further iteration
  • Adding percentage complete number to both career and endless buttons in main menu
  • Added system for air trick duration, flip, and roll speed progression when upgrading tricks. Now when you upgrade tricks, that trick will give you more points *and* execute faster to sweeten the deal.
  • Added BG hills narrow to tunnel to avoid seeing vehicles passing through

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