Epic Skater 2 Heelflip Splash!

Release Notes for Build 0.61

  • Lots of optimizations and LOD additions to environment
  • New shaders on Environment and Skater
  • Crate Menu Polish
  • Added ollie meter back to hud_menu
  • Added score balancing logic to all tricks.  Doing the same trick over and over will degrade in point value, but regain value overtime by not doing it as well.
  • Revised some Endless skate spots to be more skate-friendly
  • Added camera volumes to areas where camera could go underground when bailed
  • Environmental sound zones now turn off when you turn off SFX in settings menu
  • Added sound zones to boost pads
  • Tweaked camera positions
  • Updating texture compression settings so android and iOS are the same
  • Added gap points when crossing the finish line
  • Added “100m to go” Gap to career finish line
  • Updated score and combo goals on Advanced Training tiers 2 and 3
  • Made Nosegrab and Tailgrab 500 Coins instead of 5,000 to get users started
  • Fixed raycast targets to make skipping career cameras less painful
  • Showcasing score and records during loading screens much more
  • Fixed broken ad rotation logic
  • Fixed furthest tier not recording properly
  • Fixed issue where skater could get sucked down into stairs and bail when attempting to late jump from the top
  • Updated Crate rewards menu to show what is possible to collect from each crate type
  • Added alternate standby text for when cashing-in or receiving rewards
  • Skipping end interstitial if watched long reward ad on upsell
  • Skipping end interstitial if watched multiple cash-in interstitials
  • Skipping end interstitial if run under 10 seconds
  • Skipping end interstitial if time since cash-in interstitial under minimum run time
  • Showing our ad instead when our rules skip the end interstitial
  • Skipping Remove ad special offer after ad, if showed our ad
  • Moving coin to left on shop trick item button so it’s aligned with level-up arrow so it’s easier to scan all buttons when there’s lots to buy and upgrade
  • Reworked explosive barrels to be more efficient and blow up nearby barrels in succession

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