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Release Notes for Build 0.71

  • Very long wait through black loading screen for Android users.  It’s a unity bug we’ve reported that is out of our control.
  • Adding placeholder sponsors to skateshop and environment.  If you’d like your brand to be in Epic Skater 2, visit
  • Lots of edits to Endless goals and goal types throughout all Endless Goal Tiers
  • Lots of updates to the perks upgrade menu
  • Added some grate smashes for going from streets to subway
  • Goal text while in game has some extra pop to draw your attention a bit more
  • Career fly cams now display if current level is a session level
  • Runstats now easier to see what your current score is vs. your highest score
  • Updated prices on tricks and their min and max durations
  • Remove existing Endless Score goals on Retry and New Run
  • Added some more gaps to Training Basics
  • Revised Spot Menu tabs so it’s easier to tell what’s selected
  • Adding finish line checkers to sidewalks behind finish lines in Career
  • Lots of improvements to limited-use skate objects so the numbers read more clearly and VFX is more juiced up with each use
  • Fixed combo not landing when crossing the finish line
  • Fixed some fail safes and layer transition triggers in Endless mode
  • Fixed Crate menu not showing the correct type of crate
  • Fixed runstats not showing current highest combo this run
  • Fixed buy goal with drink goal not updating goal UI on purchase
  • Fixed controls menu not updating trick lock/unlock on purchase
  • Fixed skater can nose manual before purchasing nose manual
  • Fixed checkpoint particles to emit from plane and not always facing camera

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