Release Notes for Build 0.73

  • Very long wait through black loading screen for Android users. The Unity team is on the case.
  • LOTS of new clothing items added to Skateshop
  • Seagull feathers now sorting correctly
  • Reduced size of the sparklies on the cash-in button in hud_menu
  • Made it easier to grab stokens you’ve passed up in 1-5
  • Plane no longer hidden if props are turned off
  • Fixed scrollbars in Skateshop submenus
  • When 100%’ing a career spot, goals are hidden, now displays high score and combo for that spot
  • Added blob shadow to skater when all shadows are turned off
  • Add bail and finish panels to hud_menu
  • Added pops and FX to all non navigating menu buttons
  • Economy Tweaks
  • Lots of UI tweaks across the game and optimizations in general

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