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Release Notes for January 22, 2018 (0.69)

Epic Skater 2 finish line
  • Very long wait through black loading screen for Android users.  It’s a new unity bug we’ve reported.
  • Career finish state polish.  Now slows to a stop and powerslides
  • Made finish line look way more finish-y in Career
  • Storing ordered list of stokens in Career Manager so you can now see the order of Stoken placements per level when you collect them
  • Updated materials, art, and texture atlases across the game to improve performance
  • Tweaking quality settings to help load times
  • Skipping to main menu after unlocks on first training run
  • Shop now has a notification image on main menu when you have new items
  • Fixed Subway T0 piece access
  • Iterating on final goal designs for expert Endless goals
  • Tweaked the loading screen and we’re now using the same one for all loading screens except for initial boot-up
  • Additional Session indicator to spot menu in Career Menu
  • Fixed broken trick upgrade button in shop
  • Locking in purchased perks on upsell menu
  • Offsetting Madonna trick in skateshop so skater’s foot isn’t underground
  • Removing Pigeons from bird pool and decreasing active peds to improve performance
  • Adding placeholder sounds for accept, deny, and menu open for further iteration
  • Adding percentage complete number to both career and endless buttons in main menu
  • Added system for air trick duration, flip, and roll speed progression when upgrading tricks. Now when you upgrade tricks, that trick will give you more points *and* execute faster to sweeten the deal.
  • Added BG hills narrow to tunnel to avoid seeing vehicles passing through
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    Release Notes for June 21, 2017 (2.0)


      • New Areas! Clouds, Mines, Hell, Lab, and Venus Beach!
      • 5 New achievements
      • New Scoring System and Balance Meter
      • UI Completely redone to look clean n’ crisp!
      • More skater outfits
      • Added Coin Doubler Man premium outfit to New Buyers Package.

    After the initial release of Epic Skater, we were very proud of what we had accomplished with the finite resources we had, but we had some issues to fix and the fanbase wanted more.

    We prioritized the scoring system and new skateable areas at the top of our to-do list.

    The ability to manual and grind without some sort of risk was leading to our top scorers to combo for hours without any increasing difficulty.

    Combining the new scoring system, new areas, and adding the balance meter felt like a great balance between risk and reward for both new and experienced players.

    We now have a discord channel! Come and join us here.


    Release notes for April 13, 2015 (1.44)

    • Eggs are back to coins again
    • P. Cottonbail outfit added to skateshop
    • Sunny Slide Up board added to skateshop

    Release notes for March 31, 2015 (1.41.4)

    • The Easter spirit is here in Epicwood!
    • Play as Peter Cottonbail and his signature deck, “Sunny Slide Up”.
    • Every outfit is temporarily equipped with festive bunny heads, ears, and cottontails to celebrate!
    • Thanks for playing!

    Release Notes for February 20, 2015 (1.41.0)


    • Got rid of the V-day fever.
    • Fixed Combo trail on Santa.
    • Fixed price on the Xmas deck.
    • Fixed some Character model issues.
    • Added Heart Boy Outfit to skateshop.
    • Added Heart-A-Deck to skateshop.
    • More Outfits, Boards, and Skate spots coming!

    Release Notes for February 3, 2015 (1.40.1)


    • New outfits, new boards, and new bonuses!
    • Love is in the air for Valentine’s Day.
    • New skate spots coming soon!
    • More boards and outfits on the way!
    • Spread the love and get up from your first bail for free.
    • Bug fixes.
    • Stability fixes.

    Release Notes for December 11, 2014 (1.3.1)

    1.3.1 is now live on google play. iOS waiting approval.
    Here’s what’s new:

    • It’s snowing in Epicwood.
    • Santa is here!
    • Jingle bells added for comfort.
    • New Skate spots!
    • Optimization for shorter load times.
    • Tweaking and bug fixing.