Release Notes for September 18, 2014 (1.2.0)

1.2.0 - All Platforms Fixed a bug that was showing all names as "username." Additional bug fixes and polish.

Release Notes for September 2, 2014 (1.1.9)

Version 1.1.9 Level cap raised to 25. Multiplier Cap Raised to 3.5x. Fixed spinner bonuses. Ads are displayed no more than 1 time every 5 minutes. Fix for task switching pausing outside of gameplay. Travel 100,000 Meters goal is…

Release Notes for August 19, 2014 (1.1.7)

New Content! We've doubled the amount of goals from 27 to 54. Cleaned out some cheaters from the Game Center leaderboards. Fixed a pause menu issue during session, practice, and tutorial. Additional stability and bug fixes. Added…

Release notes for August 4, 2014 (1.1.3)

1.1.3 - All Platforms Increased max sounds to 30 Updated meta files after upgrading to Unity 4.5 Android Leaderboard fixes (some were copying each other's data when unintended) Pause tutorial when home button is pressed

Release notes for August 2, 2014 (1.1.2)

1.1.2 - All platforms New default launch icon for all platforms Fix for "one session" goals broken after quitting XP bar displaying correctly after level 5 Goals now show "to go" progress Pause menu can now return to continue menu …

Epic Skater Available on iOS and Google Play Worldwide!

iOS https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/epic-skater/id734037 Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kongregate.mobile.epicskater.google