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Release Notes for December 4, 2017 (0.48)

Epic Skater 2 Indy Grab
  • Progression is near final, your progress will hopefully not be reset anymore
  • Revisited Training Basics and Advanced
  • Did a pass on all Skater items, tricks, perks, and upgrades in shop
  • First pass Economy
  • Skater lighting and smoothing fixes
  • Skater shirt/skin intersection fixes for short, sleeveless, long, and layered
  • Revised Melon, Indy, and Japan animations
  • Fixed pedestrian walk cycle animation
  • Remade explosive barrel walls so they’re more consistent
  • Added more coins to empty areas in Endless
  • Progression re-write and added support for items in rare and common crates.
  • First pass Anti Cheat
  • Added wallplant, wallpush, and transfer upgradeable shop tricks
  • Another pass on kills, terrain types, and collision on all stairs
  • Showing perk level over each perk on pre-run screen
  • Users can now find rare and epic crates in addition to common crates in Endless
  • Lots of UI iterating and updates across the game
  • Daily Challenge now requires a new day to complete the next challenge
  • Converting crate perk to increase max possible spawned crate pickups in one run
  • Added more unlockable skatespots
  • Converting goal purchasing to drinks instead of coins
  • Redid crate pickup perk to also modify amount of coins received from crate pickups
  • Fixed ambience and camera out of sync issues when collecting rewards and returning to game

Release Notes for November 3, 2017 (0.42)

Epic Skater 2 Barrel Kickflip
  • Added placeholder background music
  • Lowered Skateshop ambience volume a bit
  • UI updates for shop, main, daily challenge, ads, spinner, and hud menus
  • Adding large coin pickups to QP’s in Tier 1
  • Introducing gems as premium consumables
  • Added basic IAP support
  • Added real ads
  • Toned down checkpoint FX some more
  • Adjusted FX on crate pickup
  • Added more special item pickup placements to skate spots in endless
  • Removing static cameras on halfpipes. Thanks for your feedback 🙂
  • Removing some camera-invasive trees in endless streets

Release Notes for October 30, 2017 (0.40)

  • Revised training basics
  • Fixed a lot of issues grab animations
  • Moved “Skip” button in intro cams to somewhere more obvious
  • Did a complete overhaul on progression and CAS unlocks
  • Giving rewards and regenerating goals (in endless) on continue (ad & drink)
  • Shop anims switched from right to left hand
  • Did a pass on all stairs ground collision and platform spawns when skating up them
  • Connecting unlocked/totals for CAS and trick categories & sub categories
  • Updated unlock, spots, and main menus
  • Removed poorly compressed balance meter and checkbox images
  • Added current and best distance, combo, and scores to run stats menu
  • Toned down checkpoints effects
  • Fixed grind animations floating slightly above rails and ledges
  • Added protips to loading screens
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    Release Notes for October 20, 2017 (0.38)

  • Rooftops and Subways are locked in Endless until you unlock them in Career
  • Cleaning up and stabilizing game state
  • Board, trucks, grip tape, and wheels now separated and functioning in skateshop
  • Seagull transparency fix
  • Additional shop anim states and menu updates
  • Daily Challenge Menu Updates
  • Adding new functioning career tab check requirement
  • Lots of new endless spots if you beat career levels and purchase their spot
  • Revised Credits menu
  • Revised intro cams to not fly back to start after reaching finish in career
  • Hiding tricks and perks green level bar if no upgrade is available
  • Added green down arrows where it is safe to fall to another layer
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    Release Notes for October 14, 2017 (0.37)

  • Fixed issue where game hangs on retry and/or get rewards screens
  • Fix for grabs being stuck held after transitioning in Endless
  • Added ability to get rewards during mid run
  • Added 16 unlockable pieces for streets 1-1 through 1-12, and Subways 2-1 through 2-4
  • Fixed missing wall and career pickup placement in Streets 1-3
  • Fixes to Skater animations in Shop
  • Replacing Crossbone with Madonna
  • Updated entry runstats menu
  • Connecting epic crate skater item icon to main menu
  • Now supporting ability to buy crates and open them from the main menu
  • Updates to billboard and Main Menu
  • Added “Remove End/Retry Ads” Shop menu item
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    Release Notes for October 6, 2017 (0.36)

    Epic Skater 2 FS Darkslide
  • Dropping interstitial ad duration to 3 seconds temporarily
  • Fixed run start anim
  • Crate textures updated
  • Split Skateboard into 4 subcategories: Deck Graphic, Griptape, Trucks, and Wheels
  • Lots more tweaking on UI
  • Larger buttons to look better on tablets
  • Adding crate button to main menu
  • Toggling transfer and turn around images depending on what’s available
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    Release Notes for September 29, 2017 (0.34)

  • More UI all around and much more support for devices in 4:3
  • Back, Play, Settings and all shop buttons much easier to press now
  • Added info to slide tricks and made it easier to tell when you (don’t) own a trick
  • Introducing Stokens! Now in place for our Career Item Pickup
  • Connected header location icon
  • Added bob and wobble to SKATE and drink pickups
  • Turned off V Sync in highest quality setting
  • Fixed pedestrian walk cycle
  • Not Requiring coins to be collected in a combo for advanced training (thanks for your feedback on Discord!)
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    Release Notes for September 24, 2017 (0.33)

  • Disabled buttons turning off/on completely for now. Buttons were still missing and making tutorial uncompletable
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    Release notes for September 23, 2017 (0.32)

  • Fixed missing buttons and UI prompts during Basic and Advanced Training
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    Release Notes for September 22, 2017 (0.31)

    Release Notes for Build 0.31

    • Lots of UI work throughout all menus. Still WIP.
    • Reworked Shop perks UI arrangement
    • Showing Daily Challenge Progress permanently on HUD in Endless
    • Removing layer name from header location text, using icon instead
    • Fixed secret area in 2-05
    • Fixed non collectable career pickup in training Advanced (thanks for your feedback on discord!)