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Release notes for August 2, 2014 (1.1.2)

1.1.2 – All platforms New default launch icon for all platforms Fix for “one session” goals broken after quitting XP bar displaying correctly after level 5 Goals now show “to go” progress Pause menu can now return to continue menu Manual input direction fixes (UP or RIGHT are Nose Manual, DOWN or LEFT are Manual) Fixed Issue where users couldn’t use an energy drink while bailed Fixed visual bug where combo scores appeared larger than it was Spin counter resets on Grind or Manual Fixed issue where users had no SFX on their first boot up Extended ramp at the end of Spaghetti piece so it’s easier to hit at lowest stats Fixed a bug where you could see through a hole in the ground, fixed a fence material, and moved around some props to look more delicious Fixed layers and star color on unlock menu Android Pressing Back button during Bail Menu ends session Trailer Added to Google Play store New Screenshots and ingame screens added to Google Play store