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Release Notes for October 29, 2014 (1.2.5)

1.2.5 – All Platforms Happy Halloween from Epic Skater! NEW SKATER! Trick or treat as a Zombie! REPLAYS! Share your best runs and brag to your friends. Fixed a crash when using multiple fingers at once. More outfits coming soon!

Release Notes for September 2, 2014 (1.1.9)

Version 1.1.9 Level cap raised to 25. Multiplier Cap Raised to 3.5x. Fixed spinner bonuses. Ads are displayed no more than 1 time every 5 minutes. Fix for task switching pausing outside of gameplay. Travel 100,000 Meters goal is not required in one run. Do 17 Air Tricks goal in one combo is now Do a 70 trick combo. Travel 7,000 Meters goal is now Travel 7,000 Meters in one run. Ledge in Combo tutorial now easier to reach.

Release Notes for August 19, 2014 (1.1.7)

New Content! We’ve doubled the amount of goals from 27 to 54. Cleaned out some cheaters from the Game Center leaderboards. Fixed a pause menu issue during session, practice, and tutorial. Additional stability and bug fixes. Added credits (see who made the game)! Stick with us! We have even more content in the works as long as you keep shredding.