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Release Notes for December 4, 2017 (0.48)

  • Progression is near final, your progress will hopefully not be reset anymore
  • Revisited Training Basics and Advanced
  • Did a pass on all Skater items, tricks, perks, and upgrades in shop
  • First pass Economy
  • Skater lighting and smoothing fixes
  • Skater shirt/skin intersection fixes for short, sleeveless, long, and layered
  • Revised Melon, Indy, and Japan animations
  • Fixed pedestrian walk cycle animation
  • Remade explosive barrel walls so they’re more consistent
  • Added more coins to empty areas in Endless
  • Progression re-write and added support for items in rare and common crates.
  • First pass Anti Cheat
  • Added wallplant, wallpush, and transfer upgradeable shop tricks
  • Another pass on kills, terrain types, and collision on all stairs
  • Showing perk level over each perk on pre-run screen
  • Users can now find rare and epic crates in addition to common crates in Endless
  • Lots of UI iterating and updates across the game
  • Daily Challenge now requires a new day to complete the next challenge
  • Converting crate perk to increase max possible spawned crate pickups in one run
  • Added more unlockable skatespots
  • Converting goal purchasing to drinks instead of coins
  • Redid crate pickup perk to also modify amount of coins received from crate pickups
  • Fixed ambience and camera out of sync issues when collecting rewards and returning to game
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Release Notes for November 17, 2017 (0.44)

  • 100 Free Gems! Use them in the shop!
  • Revised Training Basics and Advanced
  • Reduced session timer in Career 1-4
  • Reduced Career level names to “x-y”
  • Fixed stoken placement in 1-12 to be easier to collect
  • Added turnaround cooldown functionality
  • You can now turnaround during grinds and manuals in exchange for some of your balance
  • Lots of updates to UI across the game
  • Lowered volume of classroom ambience by 3 more db
  • Removed extra stokens from career 1-4
  • Removed some more camera invasive trees
  • Adding low poly shipping containers to levels
  • Fixed ads so they don’t overlap other menus
  • Don’t show ads until user is above 3% of progresson
  • Showing ad when main menu first loads
  • Linked tip text to non unity ad text so we can show game tips of ads to new users
  • Removed UI tweening in main menu
  • Removed memory clear on open main menu
  • Fix for Android launch icon showing as a square inside a white circle
  • Fix for skater getting stuck in explosive barrels
  • More failsafe bailcam. Nerfed Close1mCam angle for older devices
  • Implemented initial set of Analytics
  • Added placeholder main menu music
  • Added more skatespots to Rooftops T3
  • Fixed gap in the ground in a Rooftop skate spot

Release Notes for November 3, 2017 (0.42)

  • Added placeholder background music
  • Lowered Skateshop ambience volume a bit
  • UI updates for shop, main, daily challenge, ads, spinner, and hud menus
  • Adding large coin pickups to QP’s in Tier 1
  • Introducing gems as premium consumables
  • Added basic IAP support
  • Added real ads
  • Toned down checkpoint FX some more
  • Adjusted FX on crate pickup
  • Added more special item pickup placements to skate spots in endless
  • Removing static cameras on halfpipes. Thanks for your feedback 🙂
  • Removing some camera-invasive trees in endless streets

Release Notes for October 30, 2017 (0.40)

  • Revised training basics
  • Fixed a lot of issues grab animations
  • Moved “Skip” button in intro cams to somewhere more obvious
  • Did a complete overhaul on progression and CAS unlocks
  • Giving rewards and regenerating goals (in endless) on continue (ad & drink)
  • Shop anims switched from right to left hand
  • Did a pass on all stairs ground collision and platform spawns when skating up them
  • Connecting unlocked/totals for CAS and trick categories & sub categories
  • Updated unlock, spots, and main menus
  • Removed poorly compressed balance meter and checkbox images
  • Added current and best distance, combo, and scores to run stats menu
  • Toned down checkpoints effects
  • Fixed grind animations floating slightly above rails and ledges
  • Added protips to loading screens
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    Release Notes for October 20, 2017 (0.38)

  • Rooftops and Subways are locked in Endless until you unlock them in Career
  • Cleaning up and stabilizing game state
  • Board, trucks, grip tape, and wheels now separated and functioning in skateshop
  • Seagull transparency fix
  • Additional shop anim states and menu updates
  • Daily Challenge Menu Updates
  • Adding new functioning career tab check requirement
  • Lots of new endless spots if you beat career levels and purchase their spot
  • Revised Credits menu
  • Revised intro cams to not fly back to start after reaching finish in career
  • Hiding tricks and perks green level bar if no upgrade is available
  • Added green down arrows where it is safe to fall to another layer
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    Release Notes for October 14, 2017 (0.37)

  • Fixed issue where game hangs on retry and/or get rewards screens
  • Fix for grabs being stuck held after transitioning in Endless
  • Added ability to get rewards during mid run
  • Added 16 unlockable pieces for streets 1-1 through 1-12, and Subways 2-1 through 2-4
  • Fixed missing wall and career pickup placement in Streets 1-3
  • Fixes to Skater animations in Shop
  • Replacing Crossbone with Madonna
  • Updated entry runstats menu
  • Connecting epic crate skater item icon to main menu
  • Now supporting ability to buy crates and open them from the main menu
  • Updates to billboard and Main Menu
  • Added “Remove End/Retry Ads” Shop menu item
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    Release Notes for October 6, 2017 (0.36)

  • Dropping interstitial ad duration to 3 seconds temporarily
  • Fixed run start anim
  • Crate textures updated
  • Split Skateboard into 4 subcategories: Deck Graphic, Griptape, Trucks, and Wheels
  • Lots more tweaking on UI
  • Larger buttons to look better on tablets
  • Adding crate button to main menu
  • Toggling transfer and turn around images depending on what’s available
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    Release Notes for September 29, 2017 (0.34)

  • More UI all around and much more support for devices in 4:3
  • Back, Play, Settings and all shop buttons much easier to press now
  • Added info to slide tricks and made it easier to tell when you (don’t) own a trick
  • Introducing Stokens! Now in place for our Career Item Pickup
  • Connected header location icon
  • Added bob and wobble to SKATE and drink pickups
  • Turned off V Sync in highest quality setting
  • Fixed pedestrian walk cycle
  • Not Requiring coins to be collected in a combo for advanced training (thanks for your feedback on Discord!)
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    Release Notes for September 22, 2017 (0.31)

    Release Notes for Build 0.31

    • Lots of UI work throughout all menus. Still WIP.
    • Reworked Shop perks UI arrangement
    • Showing Daily Challenge Progress permanently on HUD in Endless
    • Removing layer name from header location text, using icon instead
    • Fixed secret area in 2-05
    • Fixed non collectable career pickup in training Advanced (thanks for your feedback on discord!)
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    Release Notes for June 21, 2017 (2.0)

    NEW TO EPIC SKATER 2.0: New Areas! Clouds, Mines, Hell, Lab, and Venus Beach! 5 New achievements New Scoring System and Balance Meter UI Completely redone to look clean n’ crisp! More skater outfits Added Coin Doubler Man premium outfit to New Buyers Package. After the initial release of Epic Skater, we were very proud […]